WITtalks is a free weekly podcast featuring interviews with talented women in tech

If you’re a woman with a career in tech or you simply wonder what it’s like to work in tech as a woman, this podcast’s for you. Your co-hosts are Erin and Tammy—two women working in tech—who aim to interview women at all stages in their careers, in all types of roles, with all types of backgrounds so that you can benefit from our guests’ collective stories and industry advice. Imagine being able to have worthwhile conversations over coffee with inspiring women working in the field. That’s the vibe captured and shared with our listeners.

Erin Allard

Co-Producer / Co-Host

With a multi-faceted background in data analysis, real estate and coding, Erin is on a mission to inspire women of all ages to push the boundaries of their potential. Having graduated from Hackbright Academy, the leading software engineering bootcamp for women, she’s currently building curriculum and capabilities as the first instructor for Techtonica, a bootcamp for under-represented women and nonbinary people in tech.

Erin holds a BA Economics from Mills College, the oldest women’s college west of the Mississippi. She also earned an MS International Real Estate from Florida International University in Miami, one of the largest publicly-funded research universities in the U.S.

In addition to talking to women about their roles in technology, Erin loves talking (to basically anyone who will listen) about real estate, astrophysics, calculus, Raspberry Pi computing, quilting and dairy sheep. Yep, really.

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Tammy Sanders

Co-Producer / Co-Host

With a journalism background and a focus on learning for professionals, Tammy is voraciously curious and has asked questions of all kinds of people for research, for a living, and for fun. Born in Germany, she’s worked, studied and/or traveled in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and 36 of America’s 50 states.

These days, Tammy works in People Development at Uber, where she leads learning strategy for managers in Engineering, Product, Design and Security. Alongside Anthropology degrees from Mills College and the University of London, she has an MBA from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and a PhD in Education & Learning Technology from Florida International University, where she was a McKnight Fellow.

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